Monday, May 2


i had been growing vegetables for a couple of years before i started seriously looking into keeping chickens. it was around the same time that i was also started looking into backyard beekeeping. it seemed like a natural progression. well, to me it did. but to others... let's just say i got some looks.

"you can't have chickens in a downtown backyard", co-workers would tell me.
"well, good luck with that", my father said.

and then one day while stumbling around the bookstore, i came across Novella Carpenter's Farm City: the education of an urban farmer.

Novella reassured me that i wasn't as crazy as people were making me out to be. her book has become my unofficial bible to all things farm related.

enjoy this video. she's so rad.

PS - the bees are on hold for now.


Karen said...

Her book is Awesome! Very inspirational to the backyard gardner. And go you for the chickens I think it is a great idea.

Mary said...

I know how you feel. Our adventure just started with a vegetable garden, and then came the compost programs, the worms, the chickens, and the two colonies of honey bees. Novella wrote it best in her book, "Backyard chickens are the urban farming gateway drug." We are planning the hutches for the rabbits which are coming soon and going to provide some wonderful meat for my family. Happy to have found your blog!